Venue Hire

The Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts has an auditorium, a foyer each side and a Music School for students at the rear of the building. The Centre boasts an acoustically superior auditorium, stalls and two balconies with a total of 857 seats. A unique feature of the auditorium is the ‘pivoting’ proscenium. There are two large sides on the proscenium, which are pivoted so they can turn 90 degrees. They turn inwards to make for a wide stage area for say a symphony orchestra or outwards to provide a narrower looking stage for solo performances. There is a wide 170 square metre stage which can be extended out by another 60 square metres. There is no fly tower, hence no fly downs which is complimentary to the health and safety requirements for school students. The stage is at street level providing direct access to vehicles to unload sets and equipment closely to the stage. The dressing rooms located under the stage have pivoting walls, which provide the versatility to become two, three or four smaller dressing rooms.

Venue details

Technical Specifications available here.

To coordinate hire of the centre, or for more details please contact the centre via email [email protected] or phone 03 5338 0980.